Located in the South Bay, LSM Communications, LLC, is dedicated to helping health care and education providers achieve their mission and goals. From the creation of comprehensive communications plans, to the development of responsive websites, including content and video production, LSM offers a full array of customized consulting and communications services to help each client effectively engage their community and make a positive and measurable impact in the lives of the people they serve.


RESEARCH – data collection, customer & community outreach, and analysis

For many clients, the first step towards growth and success is understanding the lay of the land. Whether it is informal discussions with stakeholders, or a survey of current clients, it is about listening to people’s perceptions and understanding current and potential customers. 

STRATEGY – communications and strategic plans

Successful communications outreach efforts are grounded in measurable goals backed by solid strategy. For some clients, "the plan" can be summed up in a quick one-sheet overview; for others, we work together to produce a comprehensive marketing plan. The depth and breadth of the strategy creation process is dictated by the unique needs and budget of each client.  

PRINT – copywriting, design, logo creation, and printing of promotional and educational materials

Whether it is creating a new logo and a single brochure, or working on a complete overhaul of all existing promotional and educational materials, we produce and print high quality collateral material that is a reflection of each client's unique business and philosophy.  

WEB – website design, content writing, photography, videography, and SEO

We take great pride in creating unique, visually appealing, user-friendly websites for our clients.  Our projects include search engine optimization and training that enables clients to update their website content on their own. Because content is king, we want to make it easy for our clients to keep their websites fresh so their visitors will want to return again and again. Clients who already have a strong website infrastructure often use our content writing, photography, and videography services.

DIGITAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT and PRODUCTION – website, e-newsletter, and social media

Some clients hire us on retainer to produce quarterly e-newsletters and manage their websites and social media content.  We love working with our clients on articles and interesting posts that keep their communities of customers engaged and invested.