Since 2013, LSM Communications, LLC, has provided its clients with cost effective and results-driven strategic planning consultation and implementation. Areas of expertise include website and video production, social media management, and digital content creation. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals for growth and impact, and are honored to serve as partners in their success.

The Families Connected Project

LSM Communications, LLC, (LSM) created the Families Connected Project, a modern, agile, evidence-based approach to helping youth thrive. Based on national and local research, including parent focus groups and survey data., the project's mobile-responsive website allows schools and districts to efficiently connect their parents, caregivers and educators with the social-emotional wellness services they provide to their students, as well as to national prevention and wellness information, including curated resource galleries, tips and tools, and videos.

South Bay families Connected

In August of 2015, LSM launched South Bay Families Connected (SBFC), a region-specific model of the Families Connected project. Since January 2017, the SBFC not-for-profit has supported the production of the projects' free parent education events and support groups, teen mindfulness workshops, the event calendar, the free monthly parent e-newsletter, outreach via social media platformsand SBFC blog production. None of these critical components of the project would be sustainable without the SBFC not-for-profit Board, volunteers, and SBFC sponsors. LSM continues to privately fund the project's ongoing website research and updates, as well as video and content production. Please take a few minutes to watch this video about the SBFC and the strategy that drives it.


Families Connected Partner Schools and Organizations

The key to the Families Connected Project’s high level of parent engagement lies in its original strategy of collaborative school and organization partnerships. LSM has implemented Families Connected at public school districts and private schools, with a total reach of 90 Partner SchoolsPartner Schools and Districts each have a customized Families Connected webpage created by LSM (click on any logo below to view), that provides a centralized location for their unique wellness initiatives and resources, along with links to the larger Families Connected website. (Note: El Segundo Unified School District and Da Vinci Schools Families Connected will launch in December, 2018)


Mira Costa High School ( MCHS Families Connected, est. 8/15 - PILOT PROJECT)


Manhattan Beach Middle School (MBMS Families Connected, est. 5/16 serves all MBUSD elementary schools)

Redondo Beach Unified School District

Redondo Unified School District (RBUSD Families Connected, est. 1/17)

Palos Verdes Peninsula School District

Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District (PVPUSD Families Connected, est. 11/16)

Hermosa Beach Unified School District

Hermosa Beach City School District (HBCSD Families Connected, est. 9/17)

Rolling Hills Prep

Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance School (RHP/Ren Families Connected, est. 5/16)

American Martyrs School

American Martyrs School (Martyrs Families Connected, est. 9/17)

Chadwick School

Chadwick School (Chadwick Families Connected, est. 10/17)

Torrance Unified School District

Torrance Unified School District (TUSD Families Connected, est. 1/18)

A cornerstone strategy for the long-term impact of the SBFC project  is continuous and consistent messaging to parents. LSM produces a monthly SBFC youth wellness communication that is sent from Partner School and District superintendents, school principals. and PTSA principals to their parent email distributions. School administrators trust that the resources and events that we share are free and accessible to all, are absent of political agenda, and are evidence-based. Additionally, they know that the Families Connected website and e-newsletter do not contain paid advertising in any form. And if anyone has a concern that a resource does not meet the criteria listed above, we ask that they alert us using the online form. We appreciate any and all community members' suggestions.